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Nexsan UNITY4400
The Next Generation Unified Storage

Nexsan UNITY4400 Storage

Nexsan Products
Nexsan UNITY4400 Storage
Nexsan UNITY4400
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Nexsan All-Flash Promotion

Nexsan 45% oFF Unity Hybrid Storage

Unity Combines Enterprise-Class Performance and Flexibility

Unity Unified Storage supports advanced block and file workloads and then adds the performance of all-flash configurations to meet the growing needs for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments.

Second Generation Unity

The new Unity systems offer up to 40% performance improvement over previous similar models, more flexible configurations, and cost reductions. New all-flash configurations are now available to meet the demands of customers’ high performance applications, as well as hybrid configurations for the more cost conscious.


Nexsan Unity supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity in addition to NAS protocols. HDD and SSD support can be tailored for the best mixed application deployment environment or all-flash configurations for high performance needs. The latest Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 Family Processor and increased memory allow for more IOPs, lower latency, and power to expand and deliver performance up to 40% over previous similarly configured systems. Additional ports, connectivity options, and the support of SMB 3.0 provides greater configuration flexibility.

Hybrid Configurations

Unity delivers on the performance you need in unified storage by blending solid state memory including DRAM and SSD to optimize block and file operations into a faulttolerant architecture. To make the most of your IT investment, Nexsan realigns the trade-off between performance, capacity, and costs with FASTier caching that accelerates I/O and provides high performance where it’s needed.

All-Flash Configurations

The Nexsan Unity all-flash, high performance arrays make it easy and affordable to meet the needs of critical business applications. All-flash configurations are supported on every Unity model with up to nine enclosures in the largest configurations so you can start small and scale as your requirements grow. With the advanced data reduction technologies, organizations can see an effective usable capacity of up to 3X the raw capacity. The configurations are optimized to get the most out of the flash SSDs while providing the performance at up to 500K IOPS to meet the most demanding applications.

Flexible COnfigurations

Unity has three models, the UNITY4400, Unity4400 and the Unity6900, so you can select the model that meets your current needs, but has the flexibility of expansion with a combination of drives and chassis. Unity capacity scales from 6TB up to 5.6PB and performance can be fine-tuned to your needs with FASTier or all-flash configurations.

Security and Compliance

Nexsan Unity has built in integration to offload data into the optional Unity Assureon Archive (UAA). With UAA you get tamper-proof storage to meet corporate and government regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17 as well as the additional protection you need from ransomware attacks. UAA enables IT administrators to centrally manage and enforce policies for each type of unstructured data in your organization. Once the policies are set, UAA manages and protects your unstructured data with its fully-automated processes for archiving, data integrity protection, multi-site replication and primary storage offload. Just set it and forget it. UAA also optimizes your backup infrastructure; so you can focus on protecting your structured data, servers and applications.

Primary Storage Offload Saves You Money

With modern workloads it’s possible that up to 80% of data stored is not accessed after one year. Unity with Unity Assureon Archive gives organizations the option to seamlessly offload Tier-1 data onto far less expensive archive storage. Unity with the addition of UAA has an integrated Archive Client which moves data into the archive, leaving shortcuts of the files on the Tier-1 Unity storage so users can easily access their information without ever knowing it was archived.



Enterprise NAS

Enterprise NAS (NFS, CIFS/SMB) for unstructured data and files.


High Performance Block

High performance block (FC, iSCSI) for structured data (databases and Exchange).



Accelerated RAM and flash caching for high performance.



High performance arrays make it easy and affordable to meet the needs of critical business applications.



The flexibility of expansion and performance increase with a combination of drives and chassis.


Secure Archive

Optimize your primary storage with Unity Active Archive and achieve regulatory and corporate compliance.


Category Feature UNITY2200 (Entry Level) UNITY4400 (Mid-Range) UNITY6900 (High-End)
Enterprise Features
All-Flash Configuration The all-flash configurations are optimized to get the most out of the flash SSDs while providing the performance to meet the most demanding applications. Performance up to 500K IOPS.
Supports Multiple Protocols SAN Protocols (Fibre Channel, iSCSI), NAS Protocols (NFS, CIFS, SMB 1.0 to 3.0, FTP)
User Interface Unity includes both a built-in HTML5-based UI and a comprehensive Command Line Interface (CLI). The Unity UI allows an administrator to easily manage and monitor a Unity deployment, regardless of size, from anywhere with just a web browser.
PCI Compliance Unity supports TLS 1.2 for PCI compliance
Authentication Active Directory, LDAP, and Local
Access Windows, Mac, and Linux
Data Services Advanced data reduction, thin provisioning with dead space reclamation, replication, and snapshots
Maximum Raw Capacity 336TB 2.23PB 5.66PB
System Configuration
Controllers 2
System Memory (DRAM) 128GB 192GB 384GB
Write Cache Capacity 400GB SSDs 8GB NVDIMM 16GB NVDIMM
FASTier Read Cache Capacity 7.68TB 35TB 100TB
FASTier Read Cache 400GB | 800GB | 1.92TB | 3.84TB 800GB | 1.92TB | 3.84TB
Drives Available
7.2K RPM SAS HDDs (TB) 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 TB
10K RPM SAS HDDs 600GB | 900GB | 1.2TB | 1.8TB
SAS SSDs 800GB | 1.92TB | 3.84TB | 7.68TB
2.5” 10K SED Drives (GB) N/A 600 | 900 | 1200 GB
3.5” 7.2K SED Drives (TB) N/A 2 | 4 | 6 TB


Download the UNITY Datasheet (PDF)


Nexsan Products
Nexsan UNITY4400 Storage
Nexsan UNITY4400
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