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Public Sector

From local agencies to national government bodies, data loss or accidental exposure of confidential information can be disastrous. Often, public sector organizations are required to handle dynamically growing volumes of data in the most cost efficient way possible. What’s more, given the regulated nature of most branches of government, data at rest and in-flight must be encrypted using military-grade AES-256 encryption. Nexsan solutions address all these needs through a family of high capacity; high-performance storage systems that are ideal for organizations with tight budgets. In addition, authorized users can access files using their preferred personal device, whenever convenient. Nexsan products also adhere to strict compliance standards for data privacy surrounding military and defense communications.

Government agencies are faced with a number of challenges when considering their data storage needs. The immense amount of information that must be stored and accessed when it comes to processing census data, to name just one example, requires very-high-performance storage capable of handling literally millions of transactions.

That high volume of transactions also holds true for a range of government applications as well. And as in so many other industries, once these transactions are handled, the public sector requires cost-effective solutions that meet long-term bulk storage requirements. Whether it’s providing social services, tracking property records or maintaining motor vehicle databases, the challenge remains the same. Database activities are frequently split into those that require high performance and those that focus on high density and capacity.