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Easily Protect, Access and Share Files While Maintaining Confidentiality

The Challenge – Upholding Compliancy in the Cloud for Healthcare ProfessionalsHealthcare

Protecting, accessing and sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is critical for all healthcare professionals. The recently released Omnibus Rule extends HIPAA requirements to business associates and introduces more severe penalties for violation of PHI privacy. The popularity of cloud storage for the healthcare industry is largely due to the ease of accessing and sharing data coupled with lower up front costs. Public cloud storage solutions offer convenience, but cannot guarantee that privacy of confidential patient information is maintained, and the additional security measures that must be taken to secure information could even end up offsetting the cost savings.

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation reported almost 20 percent of healthcare organizations have experienced a security breach, totaling 804 breaches between 2009 and 2013. Though HIPAA's 2013 update specifically defines cloud services as business associates which must comply with HIPAA security rules and assume direct liability for security breaches, the name and reputation of the healthcare providers are still the ones at stake when patient's confidential records are compromised and exposed.


Transporter offers all of the sync, access, protect and share capabilities of public cloud storage solutions without any of the risk. As a private device you own, it gives you complete control over location and redundancy of confidential information while allowing private sharing and secure, remote access from anywhere in the world. Automated offsite protection is as simple as adding a second Transporter at a remote location. 

Preserve Confidentiality

Preserve Confidentiality

Enable private collaboration with other doctors, nurses, and administration while controlling where files are stored and who has access, eliminating risk of unauthorized access to confidential files.

Protect Patient Information

Protect Patient Information

Safeguard PHI and EMR to satisfy HIPAA retention requirements, and automatically protect patient records against a computer failure with a local device or install a second Transporter offsite for additional protection.

Privately Access Files

Privately Access Files

Privately access patient files, charts, and scans on mobile devices. Your files are always transferred directly between devices using AES-256 encryption and never stored in the cloud.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs, Eliminate Fees

Simple and intuitive setup is easily completed in minutes and you only pay a one-time cost for the device that eliminates recurring monthly subscription fees. Each Transporter can store terabytes of information - up to 12TB per appliance with the small business systems and up to 24TB per appliance with the midrange systems.

The Full Cloud Experience on Private Hardware You Own and Control

Putting compliance first, Transporter offers all the protection, access, and sharing capabilities of popular public cloud services without any of the pitfalls. As a private device you own, it gives you complete control over location and redundancy of information, while allowing you to privately share documents with anyone and access confidential files from anywhere in the world. It's both simple and secure to share files and folders with other practitioners or administrators in the practice or to grant read-only document access for patients through secure shared links that you own and control.

Full Cloud Experience on Private Hardware You Own and Control

Delivering 100% Privacy for Healthcare Professionals

How are we able to deliver Transporter as a 100% private solution? Whereas public cloud storage services like Box and Dropbox are designed to store everything on their infrastructure and transfer all of your data through their servers, Nexsan's service is only used to establish secure, encrypted connections between authorized Transporters. Once an authorized connection is established, the data and metadata are encrypted at the source using military-grade AES-256 encryption and then transferred directly from Transporter to other Transporters, computers or mobile devices. Your data is never stored in the cloud and private encryption keys are generated and maintained directly on the devices ensuring that no one – not even Nexsan – has access to or visibility into your data.

Powerful Features for Admins with Transporter for Business

Enhanced features make the ideal solution for multi-user organizations with special administrator accounts for organization and group management. These business systems also include Active Directory integration to streamline account creation. Transporter versions further protect data from accidental modification and deletion, and it's easy to control accessibility with configurable read-only permissions for users.

Transporter Versions for Safe Collaboration

Always know exactly who has made changes to a file. With Transporter, both users and administrators have visibility of the full audit trail of changes to a document, including who took those actions and when. Transporter Versions also enables users to restore older versions of files that have been accidentally overwritten plus recover files and folders that have been accidentally deleted. Unlike competing solutions that require premium services to store more than a few versions, Transporter will preserve an unlimited amount of versions as long as there is space available on the device.