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Securely Access Design Files, Plans, Contracts, and Permits Anytime, Anywhere

The Challenge – Easily and Cost Effectively Maintain Continuous Open Communication Between OrganizationsCreative Services

Every construction project depends on bringing disparate teams together across the project lifecycle, working to often challenging deadlines with strict penalties for failing to meet clauses and timings. The project lifecycle across pre-construction, construction, and closeout construction has many critical sub-phases including: design review, site evaluation, cost analysis, budgeting/ estimating, bidding, contractor agreements, change orders, permitting, accounting/administration and sustainability. Managing each phase with oftendisparate teams and multiple stakeholders poses a constant challenge for construction organizations.

Successful construction companies use a strong collaborative team approach. Implementing the right tools and technologies can help streamline the process to ensure the objectives of every project are accomplished within the specified timeframe. Using technology to create a secure, collaborative environment that brings together key stakeholders such as the client’s corporate real estate executives, project management professionals, and project architects can help significantly de-risk projects for an on-schedule completion.

It’s no wonder that even small projects feel more expensive than they should be when you consider the army of people and organizations involved getting a project started, and then managing it through to completion. To help prevent delays and cost overruns, everyone involved should maintain continuous open communication with weekly job-site meetings to discuss progress and status of the project, open action items, and schedule updates for effective communication and documentation.


Protect Client Information

Protect Client Information

Through every phase of every construction project, all-important project related files are protected against loss with a Transporter deployed on premise. Deploy a second Transporter in another location for replication and disaster recovery protection.

Simple. Easy. Cost Effective

Reduce Costs, Eliminate Fees

Purchasing a Transporter eliminates public cloud service provider’s annoying and costly recurring monthly subscription fees. User selfmanagement options dramatically reduce administration costs. Reduce expansion costs by using our pay as you grow model to increase storage and user capacity.

Privately Access Files

Privately Access Files

Because Project Management Teams oversees the entire project, they invite colleagues and external guest users to share files when needed. Should a user exit a project, the folder owner then terminates access-sharing privileges causing project related files to be removed from the user’s personal devices.

Preserve Confidentiality

Use Existing Infrastructure

Integrate Transporter with an existing NAS system to retain and leverage earlier storage investments in order to avoid costly and troublesome data migration. With Transporter, organizations gain mobile access to files and folders located on existing storage solutions without the need of a VPN.

The Solution – An On-Premise Private Cloud for secure collaboration and improved workflow across the Entire Team

To aid team collaboration and to solve many of the problems that can occur, construction related organizations are increasingly leveraging mobile technology. As a result, there is a growing need to remotely access and share files from any device anywhere in the world. Many organizations have turned to cloud providers only to discover storage and per-user fees spiraling out of control and in some cases, files are inaccessible due to unplanned outages or lost due to a lack of regular backups.

Transporter is a family of easy to deploy solutions that you own and control. They provide file sync and share capabilities similar to popular cloud service providers like Box and Dropbox but delivered as an on-premise appliance. By offering construction industry users the cloud features they require, Transporter enables these users to privately collaborate with each other. This gives users the mobile access and the ability to create unique project files that can then be shared with colleagues, contractors and clients. This ensures all project participants are always working on the most up-to-date information within a secure environment.

Transporters are deployed at the locations of your choosing and best of all there are no recurring monthly fees. Use Transporter either as a stand-alone solution using its own internal storage or integrated with data located on existing NAS systems. Data syncing is transparent and business and employee privacy is assured. Transporter can provide access and visibility to data located on multiple NAS systems. Deploy multiple Transporter devices in secure locations for fast local copies and automated offsite protection. This will add valuable file sharing and mobile access features to existing storage and give your users the cloud storage experience they crave.

Transporter Diagram

100% Control Over Document Sharing

For each project, the project manager will create a few document/file folders and then invite users to share and collaborate using the contents of these folders. Invited users will then have organizational level privileges (read/write) or guest user privileges (read only) to everything within the shared folder. This process gives the folder owners themselves responsibility for setting folder security and access privileges. Thus documents and videos can be created or amended right at the construction site using mobile devices. This capability ensures everyone remains informed no matter where they are.

Transporter Versions is a powerful feature that enables users to restore older versions of files that have been accidentally overwritten and also recover files and folders that have been accidentally deleted. These capabilities are especially useful when collaborating with other team members on a fast moving or complicated construction project. If needed, administrators can see a full audit trail of activities to reconstruct a sequence of events.

Scales to Meet the Needs of Any Size Company

Transporter on-premise, private cloud appliances scale to meet the demands of any size of business. Our deployment model means organizations never reach a capacity ceiling; they simply add another Transporter when they need more users or storage. Our Transporter rack-mounted models are ideal for scaling in the data center and include our Network Storage Connector to access and sync with files stored on existing NAS systems.

Multi-appliance solutions offer more than just scale for your file sync and share requirements. Each Transporter features RAID protection, so they deliver the added benefit of replication and full redundancy between appliances. Construction industry organizations of all sizes around the world are realizing that Transporter solutions offer more than just private cloud mobile access and project collaboration sharing capabilities. Privacy, security and data protection all come as standard. So why wait, contact us for a risk free trial today.