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Snapshot and Replication
Nexsan E-Series

Snapshot and Replication for the Nexsan E-Series disk arrays allows applicationconsistent snapshots and asynchronous replication to support the most demanding data protection requirements. Snapshot and replication are embedded into the E-Series storage system, eliminating the cost of an external server or 3rd party software to support these functions.

Nexsan provides a VSS Hardware Provider, which is installed on Windows servers to enable application-consistent snapshots to be triggered by any VSS requestor, such as popular backup and restore applications. For UNIX/Linux environments, snapshots can be created manually or via the snapshot scheduler built into the E-Series GUI.

Because the snapshots reside on the Nexsan E-Series disk array, they can be accessed directly by the backup server to perform SAN-based backups. SAN-based backups streamline data protection operations by eliminating the backup window. Because backups do not burden the application server or LAN infrastructure, they can be performed any time, including during business hours.

Asynchronous replication allows data stored on a Nexsan E-Series disk array to be mirrored to a second E-Series disk array at any distance. All snapshots that exist on the primary E-Series are transmitted to the remote E-Series. One common use of the replication software is to permit multiple branch offices to replicate their data to a central E-Series located at headquarters. IT personnel at headquarters can then mount the snapshots to perform testing or backups.


Asynchronous Replication