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What's the Difference between Nexsan Unity n-Way Sync and Snap and Rep?

August 14, 2018 By BlueAlly

One of the questions that always comes up is what is the difference between Nexsan UnityTM n-Way Sync private cloud file sync and the snapshots and replication that are commonly used in storage today? It’s really about accessibility to the user so let me explain.

Simply stated, snap and rep is an IT function. It is a valuable business continuity operation for the IT department. n-Way Sync is a data movement feature for the business users. It does not require IT department intervention after the initial creation of the synchronization folders.

An organization may have two sites in Minneapolis and Denver with users at each location. By utilizing Nexsan Unity, you can synchronize (n-Way Sync) the file data from Minneapolis to Denver and vice versa so that all files selected are available for the business users at each site. So now with no extra effort from IT or the users, Jim in Denver has easy and local access to the files that Jennifer in Minneapolis just loaded into a project file. n-Way Sync streamlines their project to have the files local for access as well as delivers business continuity in the case that one of the sites goes down.

Using legacy snap and rep processes, the IT Storage Admin would generate snapshots in Minneapolis and replicate them to Denver and/or vice versa. That process serves the purpose of having the data in another site for disaster recovery, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easily accessible for business users Jim and Jennifer who don’t have access to the snapshot data. The snapshots replicated to Denver have to be mounted by a storage administrator before Jim can access the data, taking IT time and effort before Jim could get access to the valuable project files. N-Way Sync is just an easier way to meet the needs of the business users so they can be far more productive with the data at their fingertips.

The benefits of Unity n-Way Sync:

  • Synchronize selected files to multiple offices (not just two as in the example above)
  • Deliver large files to offices so users locally can access at LAN-speeds
  • Private cloud synchronization is secure
  • Eliminate the need for transfer or WAN-optimization tools because n-Way Sync utilizes UDT over UDP plus compression and caching
  • Large files are transferred easily and quickly between sites